The Smiling Experiment

Well, you’re gonna think this is kinda weird, but someone told this to me some time back; so I tried it, and it really works. The next time you see yourself in a mirror (at least if no one else is around) just give yourself a great big smile. Now, if you’re like a lot of us, you are going to say, “That doesn’t look natural at all. It looks horrible.” Just try it. you’ll see what I mean. Well, just keep practicing, every day for awhile, and you know what’ll happen??? Pretty soon you’ll say, “That doesn’t look so bad now, does it? In fact that’s lookin’ like a pretty darned good smile.” And the next thing you know, you’re gonna be walkin’ down the street smilin’ at people you never would have smiled at before, and they’re gonna be smilin’ back at you. And you’re gonna be sooooo happy. Now, you may think this is kinda strange. Well, just consider it an experiment. You have to do the experiment to see what happens.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

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    • Su Child says:

      A friend and I hoped to meet and enjoy this wild beauty together, but so far we’re each too involved in current projects. Something arose from our recent virtual exchange, which I wish to share. We each admitted to enjoying envisioning our smiles as we contemplated how we might coordinate our schedules. Well, here and now, anytime I want to respond to a big smile, awareness instantly provides these wonderful familiar smiles of special friends. Contemplate this fact of Truth that we each live alone as All One. What a remarkable confirmation of choice and realization. Love, Life lives us.

    • su child says:

      …..and as you immerse ‘yourself’ in this smiling experience, watch how these words feel to you:
      Reality revealing Itself……

    • su.child says:

      I’m writing freely my immediate amazement from walking across the park passing by the skateboard area. I skirted the skaters on my way to pay my internet bill. On my way back, I headed toward the skateboard area. Two waved, got up and came to meet me. With the sun at their backs, I couldn’t make out if I knew these teens. I’d not been by the park in the heat of the summer or even this last month of our contemporary Indian exhibit at City Hall, while immediately contacting the secondary schools staff and administrators. These young male athletes were sincerely glad to see me. One asked for a hug, Well, sure, I responded. Apparently, my previous years of visiting, enjoying their dedication, urging them to consider wearing helmets, but not nagging, meant something special to them. I realize now that no other adults do what I’ve done spending some time with them, appreciating their disciplined practice. They understood when I said that I’m glad to be able to get out more once again, that I don’t like staying inside. So, for whatever Indian summer time we have, I’ll spend late afternoon with my young friends and get my daily walking, then some jogging as I rebuild my strength, agility and endurance. Simple friendships hold a wonder of possibilities when we are open to being available for new and continuing relationships.

    • su.child says:

      Saturday morning, time to deepen inwardly until I reach the pool of sweet tranquillity, and perhaps bring something into this new now day.
      Yes, a familiar sweet lullaby, oh it’s Edelweiss. This Awareness I Am, in non-judgmental stillmess, is the flower “above the treeline” of all the commotion created by the human belief in individual ownership of Life. With this refreshing recognition, a new now day begins in the quiet gentleness of a small mountain flower

    • su child says:

      “Thick as a brick” — is to react with a LEARNED judgment of ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

      Years of unaware conditioning usually don’t just fall away in one miraculous moment.

  2. su.child says:


    One day, Bill told me emphatically, “The Truth is not here to heal bodies.” I see that now, and more. The Truth is not here to make me healthier or better looking or more likeable. It’s not going to change my introversion to extroversion. Nor is it going to make me sparkle with a newer, perkier personality. It’s not going to make my relatives love me more. I’m quiet, I’m introspective, I’m shy–I see now that none of that is going to change. At last I see: The personality is as much husk as the body. What’s more–it doesn’t matter.

    Oh, there have been the added things, but always the choice and the timing have been God’s. And the purpose–God’s.

    What matters now is that something is growing within; it is my joy to nurture and tend it. It is wonderful and unexpected; I care only for it. Sometimes it is not within me, but I am within it, willing to be held. I don’t know what to call it, except simple Faith. Whatever of the world comes my way, it just exercises and makes strong this simple Faith, this final interface.

    Tonight on the way home out of New York City in a carload of people, I started humming Amazing Grace. The car became quiet, and then Eddie started singing with me. It was good.

    In the Light of an Alabama Rain – a
    meditation-with Janice Winokur’s permission

  3. su.child says:

    Google William Samuel to discover what’s available, and stroll through the links listed at

  4. Kerri says:

    Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through your posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?
    Thanks for your time!

  5. su.child says:

    I can’t keep from experiencing a special smile, which I feel when I bring to mind my friend Bill Samuel’s suggestion: I eagerly anticipate unexpected good today.

    I like the feel of this smile, which has a life of its own.

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