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My heart is singing and has been doing so all day long, ever since that first hop out of bed. It has been said that it isn’t necessary to go to the mill ponds, etc. to have our peace beyond peace. Nevertheless, it is certainly nice to do so. And I did so today — right here in the city. It’s easy to think I’m not even in the city when I’m here at the lake, with its wide stretch of blue water –and baby largemouth bass just sitting and waiting for the little minnows to take one swim too far from the edge. There’s a creek that runs by the lake. It comes from the hills, into a reservoir, and then down to me, eventually finding its way into the bay. In my creek there are turtles, bull frogs, bass, longeared sunfish, giant carp, ducks, and other birds of which I don’t even know the name. There are sycamores, cottonwoods, white alders, and much, much more. Today, I am simply wallowing in the beauty and mystery of life.

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  1. su.child says:

    My heart is singing as seasonal renewal bursts out everywhere I go. Life didn’t go anywhere and come back. Life is a continuum here, now, but looks, smells, feels wonderfully refreshing. The rear-view mirror on my sun glasses, is simply marvelous for mobility.

    • Su Child says:

      My heart is singing as I go ‘do’ dishes in anticipation of walking to the river bank and back tomorrow, a brief outing for deep breathing brisk sunny spring air. How wonderful to invite volunteer #1 2015 to my aerie for setting up this new gift computer. Mi amigo and I will play while offering global visitors and residents here more options of the beauty and mystery of life.

    • Su Child says:

      My heart is singing so quietly because I’ve been listening to Bill’s bird songs over in the Library at Having just completed a sever year project, and -realizing that I’ve not heard a bird song for so long, I’m about to listen for the third time as Bill’s long ago bird sounds begin to replenish the emptiness of finally delivering Curly Bear Wagner’s 13 minute Sacred Lands excerpt on YouTube to MT Senator Jon Tester, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Blackfeet Tribal Chairman Harry Barnes via electronic mail. May this delightful bit of history be viewed by many, and may an honorable way be established now to utilize emerging cross-cultural awareness and inclusion of individually unique tribal nations in the process of creating “economically sustainable cultural economies.” Aho!

    • Su Child says:

      From out of nowhere came a little ditty, which I’ve not consciously been aware of in years.
      ‘One is one, and all alone, and ever more shall be so.” It sounds like a children’s ditty. ‘One is One, and All Alone, and evermore shall Be, so….. I began humming it over and over as I took an early morning walk, which became brisk and full of light-hearted speed as I scurried across the freshly cut grass in the park and back – to discover a friend at my door, who was about to call me.
      By focusing on the wonderment of One, source of multitudinous images, suddenly this one appeared to be two. ‘Leave it alone and it will come Home……’ is another ditty full of wisdom. I’d like to know the source. If anyone knows, please share it here.

    • su.child says:

      My heart was singing yesterday, apparently just for the joy of singing. I marveled at how long it’s been since this inner freedom from the weight of reaction to sights and sounds in the outer world of appearances trigger early conditioning, “thick as a brick,” to react with a judgment of ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Years of conditioning don’t just fall away in one miraculous moment for most of us. Individually, one by one, we teach ourselves to catch the conditioned reaction, take a deep breath and choose instead to respond to what is happening ‘here and now.’ Such dedication can only happen in the Now moment, each moment we are awake to the fact that one is, indeed, present in the moment, and one has a choice. What can happen next is referred to as a “spiritual practice” at first. It can become a perceptual way of life. Conflict Resolution: as a Spiritual Practice by John Tyler can be found online. He participated in the amazing world experience of spiritual forgiveness playing a major role in the transition from ‘Apartide’ to the people creating a new South Africa. Timely for the annual World Religion Day just passed. When the heart sings conflict is seen for the “nothingness it really is.” It takes dedicated practice to learn to respond with spiritual perceptual clarity. How else can we truly live the foundational mandate of all spiritual world teachers’ own words, “Do unto others as we would that they do unto us?”

  2. su.child says:

    Bill uses an example in various Talks of providing someone who asks for water, a glass of water. I’ve now heard this so many times it’s simply a part of who and what I am. So, at our recent Solstice Powwow, when the MC asked that water be brought for the dancers, I walked up the to Baptist table, and asked for a dozen plastic glasses of cold water, and asked the youngest woman there to do the same, and place them next to where I’d leave my cups, where they could be passed up to the MC and available to the dancers, as well.
    At the end of that round of men’s fancy dance, the MC announced that ladies had brought cold water, and all in the arena were refreshed.

    Later, when I asked the Head Judge if I could dance in the arena during inter-tribals celebrating Father’s Day, he said, “Su, you are welcome here,” as he touched my hand. How deeply those words touched the heart I am. As I entered the arena, the only white woman, and not in regalia, two very young Navajo girls entered from the opposite side.
    When we came together in the center for the Friendship Dance, they watched my feet and began to learn. I slowed my steps to the slower half-time beat for them, and later thanked them for dancing with me. Warm smiles later greeted me as I danced along greeting friends from various far away places.

    Suddenly, the final day of competitions and celebration was over. We were asked to pick up as everyone began to pack up. Before I knew it, the Indians and this once a year village were gone. It brought back similar feelings when exiting the backdoor of a stage decades ago, still deep in my part suddenly finding myself alone in a sterile, empty hallway. David Manners title, Awakening From the Dream of Me, comforted me as once again I experienced the ephemeral disappearance of those individuals with whom I experience a sense of belonging. The heart is a mystery, but trusting the heart intuitively is the way I choose to live. Wonderful, unanticipated happenings occur this way. Life lives us as love, Itself, and all is alright, as is.

  3. John says:

    The best way to keep your voice healthy is to Hydrate, hyadrte, hyadrte! Teas, cough drops, whatever provide immediate comfort to your throat but not to the vocal folds. Keeping the tissues well lubricated is the best answer to vocal health. You are also more resistant to allergies, colds, etc. when you get those 8 glasses of water daily!Before a performance the best thing is be well rested. Then to prepare, get yourself awake and ready to roll! Think of how an athelete warms up for an event. Singing is the same thing! You are using muscle! Not only those two inches of thin cartilage in your throat, but your whole body!General tips? Breath. It is the foundation of singing. Learn how to use it correctly. The other greatest tip I could give is silence. Know when to shut up. If your voice is tired, hoarse or raspy, be quiet! DO NOT WHISPER!!! that makes the vocal cords stretch even thinner and puts more tension in your throat. Just be silent. And start drinking that water!

    • su.child says:

      I just got in from loping along a new game trail. As I approached a log fence to get to my street, I felt I was being observed. I was.
      Atop the hill I climbed this summer, stood a buck with full antlers observing me. I shouted out my thanks to him for making this safer trail also since winter’s approaching. Then I hopped the fence and hurried home to drink the water I’d chosen to not take with me. I drank it as I read my notification of a new message in Singing Heart. Hey, John, I so appreciate your sharing, which encourages me to go for 8 a day! When my heart sings, singing happens spontaneously and easily. Su is being sung – does that makes sense?

  4. su.child says:

    As Bill’s friend,Kay says:

    To tell you the truth,Peace keepers can be some of the worst “do gooder” offenders.
    No “body” can “become” a peacekeeper. That’s impossible!
    The keeper from the Peace is “body/mind” identification, no more and no less.
    Some One IS Peace, and only after sluffing off at least some of the mud of “do gooder”– the human so-called “non I” mind.
    Peace is Peace, no “training sessions” will do it.

  5. su.child says:

    I marvel at how quickly a counter full of dishes get washed when my heart is singing – -as it is right now because I’ve rediscovered my friend.

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