Never Too Late

Oh for times catching crawdads in the river, reaching for butterflies on a leaf, a monarch, even a tiger swallow tail. Off to the fruit stand for a red plum. Swimming, garter snakes, tadpoles, and spiders. These are the times I simply was – no fear, just being, growing.

Then the times living behind my eyes, looking into a world of space and time. Not so bad in many ways.

Living in the solar plexus not so bad, just a simple knot is who I am.

Next the whole body, much better now. In charge, desirable changes sprout and grow.

Then comes space. Here I am but where is that? Am I body or am I space? Or both? Oh well, who’s to tell?

Space disappeared; so did time. Now again, I catch crawdads in the river, reach for butterflies on a leaf – even see the tiger swallow tails. Once more, I search for tadpoles in a pond. Garter snakes abound, and so do spiders. Fear is gone, just being, growing. And yesterday I ate a red plum.

Never Too Late

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  1. su child says:

    If an infinite eternal Now is all that is ever going on, how can anything be “too late?” Only in one’s judgment of an appearance. Learning to live without judgment allows wonders of the mysteries of Life’s gifts to be experienced. My stories are too long for this site, but you can ask me and Gary can connect us.

  2. su child says:

    If an eternal Now is all that is ever going on, how can anything be “too late?” Only in one’s judgment of an appearance. Learning to live without judgment allows wonders of the mysteries of Life’s gifts to be experienced.

  3. Filomena says:

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    • su child says:

      It’s never too late
      to do what comes to be done
      within an upside down worldly atmosphere
      in which most everything seems almost too late.

      “Stay with each unfolding moment
      and be amazed.” (1976)

  4. Linette says:

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  5. su.child says:

    Just being – as leaves and blossoms burst out from knarled limbs once again, harbingers of the mysteries of unseen Life. I’ll soon see the winged ones, the four-leggeds, the crawling critters and darting reflections of light in the flowing currents down at the river. Spring fruit in my pocket.

  6. su.child says:

    During this beautiful balance of light and apparent is-not light, the Harvest Moon’s reflected light allows farmers to work into the night, and powwows to go round the clock this weekend. “Moon shines on 10,000 rivers.” Bill Samuel speaks of Balance and related topics on Talk 1,Carmel, California.

  7. su.child says:

    It’s never too late to get things straight, or set things straight:

    equinox = 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night = ‘the Day and the Night are the same Day’ at “This Study”

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  9. su.child says:

    Through a glass darkly

    Tonight, as I was driving home, I saw a beautiful dog lying on the side of a country road. His fur looked so silky and so well brushed that I knew he must have been a cherished pet. I looked to see if his chest was heaving, but all was still. It took me a few moments before I could say to myself, “There never was any life in the image.” I remembered another time, almost in the same spot, when I saw two possums, such cute little guys, and I felt so good, so good.

    Now See Here. The Divine Plan. Again. The flutter of darkness drawing my attention to God, to his Face . . . to perfect seeing.
    First, through a glass darkly, then later face to face. Single eyed. Nothing matters but that I see behind the scene. That my eye, and God’s be one eye, joined again, joined for Eternity.

    What is happening is “Good”–it is drawing me ever closer to God. I take the steps to be loving. Loving of myself and others. Loving to the Scene. It is all One; it is all Good.

    …….In the kiss of moonlight
    readying for darkness
    I have already died
    to everything
    but Love

    with Janice Winokur’s permission from
    In the Light of an Alabama Rain
    a meditation

  10. su.child says:

    Last week I traded my Skid Lid for a woman’s bike helmet. This morning I celebrate the renewal of the William Samuel Collection at the UCSB Library Special Collections with a ride to the ‘thousand steps’ for a river walk to discover what’s going on down there as Gary depicts. The air is brisk and leaves seem to be considering colorful flights to the earth. Fresh young four-leggeds will be there, too.

  11. su.child says:

    and how about
    ‘just here and now!’

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