A Breath Round Nothing

Who I am is simple existence

— a breath round nothing —

— a gust in the god* —

— a wind —

an event without any ground

that allows “what is” to be

and “what will be” to become.



* The term “a gust in the god” was coined by Ranier Rilke.

14 Comments to "A Breath Round Nothing"

  1. LibbyXHorvat says:

    Everybody loves it when individuals combine and share views.
    Great website, continue the great work!

    • su.child says:

      We welcome your views, Libby. Thank you for making visible what others feel, but are at first hesitant to put into print. This website is a safe place for overcoming that early conditioning most of us experienced. Choosing and using a pen name is an easy possibility. Join in and discover for yourself. I’ve just had an essay published in a new anthology of state writers, “Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone.” Sharing it with a recent standing room only audience at the first of several statewide readings was proof to me that others benefit from our example.

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    • su child says:

      “Calling things (scenes) by their right names” is an expression Bill Samuel coined. In simple words, he encourages us to ‘show up’ with an exercise of naming experiences by their positive attribute-be it an adjective or noun. The scene I experienced this morning in a group eatery was beautiful, not humanly pathetic as it first appeared. A tired-faced daughter had obviously gotten up very early to spend Valentine’s Day breakfast with her mother-now in her nineties. It was charming. But when the husband arrived, not knowing this daughter would be there, ‘is-not love’ appeared as feminine possessiveness in all its possibilities. When the deluge ended momentarily, the ninety something husband, lovingly put his fist to his sweetheart’s shoulder, acknowledging forgetfulness, then got up and left the room having fortified his wife that he’d be back after his daughter’s visit was over. What a wonderful example of “calling a scene by Its right name,” Love. Is-not love could do nothing to the Allness and Wholeness of Love. I witnessed the eternal positive, Love, which doesn’t always appear in such scenarios so quickly.

    • Su Child says:

      “Where are the Brave Ones?” asked William Samuel. “Where are the rest of myself?” The audio recording of this early talk is too poor to share, but this morning I awoke hearing these words, which seem especially meaningful today. How much discipline is required to look at a negative scene going on currently, and ‘call it by its right name,’ the positive quality or attribute which the negative scene is making clear? I smile, envisioning my virtual friend, Kay, who shares this phrase as the name of her website, and is one of the ‘brave ones.’

    • Su Child says:

      Holy, holy, holy. Blessed trinity: Holy Spirit being consciously aware of what It is and what It is not. Perceiving this Truth may require disciplined spaces of silence in order to actually live this fact in times of apparent turmoil.

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  4. su.child says:

    What is My Life’s Purpose?
    The Bellows
    26 May, 2008

    What is your life’s purpose? Who knows? Only Life knows Itself. For sure, you will never find it. The very fact that you are reading this writing means that Life is finding you. Your life’s purpose finds you. Life finds you and does Its purpose, not yours. At most, you are along for the ride.

    Life has no purpose. If Life had a purpose, that would be a motive, an arrival point, a destiny, a destination; all that is time. Therefore, the Timeless has no purpose. Infinity is Infinite. Yet when Life finds you, it APPEARS as a “purpose.” But notice now, it is LIFE’s “purpose.” Not yours. No room here for me and thee — only room for thee. You can not “think” of it because if you can it is not NEW. Unknowing comes first. Always.

    To read the rest of this article, google What is my Purpose? The Bellows – enjoy Kay’s clarity, directness

  5. su.child says:

    the Blog is in rest mode at the moment, but check out the Links. Enjoy listening in the Library and share your writings here – welcome.

  6. Rory Gall says:

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  7. su.child says:


    I take off desire
    And discover a magical sufficiency
    I cast off pride
    And insight begins
    I remove arrogance
    And grace appears
    I discard judgment
    And a soft peace slips in
    I shed false beliefs
    And uncover acceptance

    And this is just the beginning
    As I undress the entire little self
    By finding the truth
    And when the last binding garment is removed
    I find that there is really no one there
    That the entire wardrobe enclothed a myth
    And that the clothes themselves
    Created the illusion

    from Childlight by Michele Penner
    with permission

  8. su.child says:

    As Kay would say:
    I don’t care what you “call it.” It is impossible for Awareness to be unaware.

  9. su.child says:

    …….and the “what is nots” to be simply acknowledged for the contradictory purpose they serve in making “what is” more fully known.
    (William Samuel, paraphrased)

    • su.child says:

      What a difference there is between the intellectual comprehension of the role contradistinction plays, and the subjective experience of the wholeness of the positive and negative being All One, but the positive’s delineation is seen for the nothingness it truly is in reality. Honesty, for instance.

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